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Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Pool Hayes Primary
This year our fantastic Year 6 House Captains are competing in the 'Tycoon Enterprise Competition' national young entrepreneur competition. They are very excited by the prospect of learning how to work as a business team to begin their own company. "We relish any challenge at Pool Hayes Primary and jumped at the chance of competing against other Primary schools in the UK" said Grace, House Captain for Lex.
"So far we've had team meetings to decide on our roles and responsibilities, worked together to develop business ideas and started our business plan - we are busy, busy, busy!" exclaimed Evie, House Captain for Salus. The budding tycoons are shown in the gallery below. The business has already made some great links with local firms like Aspire People based in Sutton Coldfield, who have kindly teamed up with the Tycoons to help them get started and their ongoing supply chain.
About Tycoon in Schools
The Tycoon Enterprise Competition is a free national enterprise competition, which aims to encourage the UK’s budding entrepreneurs to get involved in business by giving them a start-up loan of between £50 and £1000 to run a business whilst at school or college.
Launched in 2012 by Peter Jones CBE and supported by the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and referenced in Lord Young’s ‘Enterprise For All’ review, Tycoon in Schools was developed as a direct response to repeated calls for a national enterprise challenge in schools. The competition allows students to start and run a business whilst at school or college, thereby allowing them to gain valuable hands-on experience of what is involved with running a business.
Representing Salus - Hrithik and Evie
Representing Populi - Jaya and Konnie
Representing Suprema - Harry and Jessie
Representing Lex - Grace and Daisie
To see our Young Tycoon's progress on the leaderboard please click here
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