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Family Learning

At Pool Hayes we run a number of groups which parents can join to support their children at home. If you are interested in joining a parent group or have any ideas for a group you would like to happen please see Mr Carter in school.

Inspire Workshops

At Pool Hayes Primary we run Inspire workshops for all year groups in the school. The aim is to involve all parents in their child's learning and to provide the opportunity for them to work one to one with their child. Each workshop will focus on a particular area of the curriculum and parents can see how the subject is taught in that year group as well as being given useful ideas to support their learning at home.  The workshops involve lots of practical activities and are lots of fun!

All parents - Mrs Emerson-Brown 17/01/17
Books and beyond reading workshop - 2:50pm

Reception/Nursery - Mrs Peasley/Miss Bi 18/01/17
Chinese New Year - 09:00

Year 2 parents 7/02/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Nursery - Mrs Peasley 8/02/17
Writing Skills Workshop - 15:15

Year 6 parents - Mrs Statham/Mr Carter 16/02/17
SATs workshop 14:30-15:15

Year 3 parents 28/02/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

All parents 28/03/17 - Miss Guy/Mr Carter
Online safety information meeting 2:30pm-3:15pm

Year 6 parents 14/03/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Year 5 parents 28/03/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Year 4 parents 27/04/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Year 1 parents 27/04/17
'Traditional toys' workshop 2pm-3pm

Year 1 parents 4/05/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Reception parents 16/05/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Nursery parents 23/05/17 
‘Books and breakfast’ morning 9-9:45am

Year 3 and Nursery Parents 09/06/17
Inspire workshop - 9-10:30am

Year 2 Parents 12/07/17
Inspire workshop - 9:15-10:15am

Year 5 Parents 19/10/17
Inspire workshop 'Greeks' - 9:15-10:15am

We not only have a lot of fun at Inspire workshops here at Pool Hayes Primary but we also plan, make, design, use our imagination, research, write, draw, paint, recite, sing, exercise, dance to name but a few... and all with our parents by our side, learning new skills with us. It really is inspirational family learning as you can see from the gallery opposite of our most recent workshops with a focus on Space and Chinese New Year. 
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