Aims and Vision - Pool Hayes Primary School

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Here at Pool Hayes Primary School we Aim to:

Our Ethos and Values

  • We aim to teach the whole child and encourage pupils to develop self-esteem, self-confidence and independence, in order to achieve their full potential.

  • We aim to provide a broad and balanced curriculum incorporating a variety of learning styles that will challenge, inspire and enable our children to develop a lifelong love of learning.

  • We aim to provide a happy, inclusive environment, which supports learning and social development and in which all children are valued equally.

  • We aim to foster an understanding of and respect for cultural, social and religious diversity both within British society and the wider world.

  • We recognise the vital importance of education in partnership with parents, governors and the community.

Our Mission

Staff and children going for gold!

Our Vision

Staff, children and parents working together to inspire, challenge and learn. 

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